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Working on another project. No one expressed any interest in this one yet.
Really. People love Disneyland, spend a ton of money there, and go back often. It's changed slowly over the last 60 years, and they steadily rake in the cash.
I figure that a space theme park would be very popular, and people think that a $50 visit is cheap. Make it like the State Fair, give them deep fat fried food. Put up a few rides, and we would have 10,000 visitors every weekend.
Of course, I would like to change the theme park model. Make it more interactive.
I want visitors to go home with stars in their eyes, young and old.


Dan Gailey Baqqer Founder

7 months ago

I wanted a shirt! :D


William Betz Omni Engineer

7 months ago

Maybe I could pretend that it existed for a short while. Sell shirts and hats "Space Station Z visit, 2017!"
Fake photos, fake videos...
Raise money to get started.

New Project: Space Station X

Create a Makerspace with the goal of becoming a Space Station theme park. Read the .pdf for more information.
Zero budget. No venture capital allowed. This adventure must pay for itself every step of the way. Need an acre of land, and 70 shipping containers.
So how do I raise a half million dollars?

Designing an inexpensive plastic mold injection machine. Planning to build a forge to make molds for it.

User 3D printed from stardust!