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Introducing the new face of Raasta:

Going back to our roots and with intent to deliver a service with high performance, Raasta has moved back to Vultr. The back end is now all Rust with Iron and various other Rust components. Advanced logging and connection pooling was added this weekend as well. The front end is still being actively developed and isn't quite ready yet, but updates will be posted for that as well and an announcement when an alpha release is prepared.


Due to some time constraints as well as trying to temporarily reduce costs, Raasta has been migrated from VPS hosting on Vultr to Heroku. Life happens.

Raasta is exploring new logo options. This is the first phase of the logo redesign. Which logo direction does everyone like? #branding #design #music #product

As of today Raasta is now officially tracking metrics for all API calls and individual functions within each API call as well as time spent on every SQL query for tracking of code regressions as well as bottlenecks and where code can be optimized. It will also be a nice point for showing the massive performance transition from Ruby/Sinatra to Rust/Iron.

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Dan Gailey Baqqer Founder

almost 2 years ago

Are you using something off the shelf, or something home rolled?

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Nathan Ross Creator of products and worlds

almost 2 years ago

That's great. How is Rust/Iron treating you so far?

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Zachary Crownover Awesome automator of stuff

almost 2 years ago

Something home rolled. The initial prototype is Ruby/Sinatra, I'm building out the Rust/Iron on the side as a little more of a backburner project until everything is fully implemented. I don't know the language or framework as well as Ruby, so it takes a little longer to write it. I'm also contemplating doing a slower roll out doing FFI swap out of the Rust into the Ruby before a full swap and tracking the transition performance as well.


Dan Gailey Baqqer Founder

almost 2 years ago

Why not just blaze through the prototype and start getting feedback? I'd concentrate on launching asap, just my philosophy though.

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