Working on another project. No one expressed any interest in this one yet.
Really. People love Disneyland, spend a ton of money there, and go back often. It's changed slowly over the last 60 years, and they steadily rake in the cash.
I figure that a space theme park would be very popular, and people think that a $50 visit is cheap. Make it like the State Fair, give them deep fat fried food. Put up a few rides, and we would have 10,000 visitors every weekend.
Of course, I would like to change the theme park model. Make it more interactive.
I want visitors to go home with stars in their eyes, young and old.


Dan Gailey Baqqer Founder

7 months ago

I wanted a shirt! :D


William Betz Omni Engineer

7 months ago

Maybe I could pretend that it existed for a short while. Sell shirts and hats "Space Station Z visit, 2017!"
Fake photos, fake videos...
Raise money to get started.