Baqqer Features

Our platform allows you to succeed wherever you are in the product cycle. All standard features are 100% free to makers and creators. To see our premium add-on feature pricing check out our premium features.

Maker Profiles

As a maker, it is important to have a place where you can share your work with the world. Baqqer helps by letting you...

  • Create a personal email-list and newsletter
  • Enable backers to fund you and your work
  • Create projects
  • Sell products
  • Create micro-campaigns
Create your profile


With projects, you can focus on building and growing your products with the help of a community behind you. Baqqer helps you with the following features:

  • Enable backers to directly fund your project
  • Create a shop for products and pre-orders
  • Grow project email-list and newsletter
  • Funding tiers
  • Private projects $5/month fee
  • User analytics
  • Community forum #hastag for your project
Build your project

Product Store

Baqqer allows you to create a shop for products, either as a user, or through your projects. This includes...

  • Pre-Order items
  • Digital items
  • Physical items
  • Create a shopProduct shipping details
  • Product feedback
Start selling

Community Forums

Discover what is going on in the Baqqer community with our community forums. Communities are organic, and are created with any hashtag or project name. Community Forum features include:

  • User generated #hashtags
  • Project generated #hashtags
  • Karma for content and conversation participation
  • Subscribers to individual project #hashtags
Grow your community

Micro Campaigns

When you need to fund what you're doing fast, Baqqer allows you to create a micro-campaign. Micro-Campaigns include:

  • Funding goals
  • Maker micro-campaigns
  • Project micro-campaigns
Launch your micro-campaign

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